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NJ 27th District Candidates

I’m thrilled to announce that Damien Caillault will also be running for NJ General Assembly 27th District. There is nobody else I would rather run along side with. He’s been a strong advocate for libertarian ideals for a long time.

As Damien wrote, “Libertarians believe in letting you alone. Only you know how to live your life. Decades of over reach by governments at all levels have left us with a society that is morally and financially bankrupt. Once elected I will do my best to get government out of your economic life and out of your personal life. “

If you are tired of the high NJ taxes, crony capitalism, and almost flat out corruption in Trenton, please take the time to consider myself and Damien for Assembly in the 27th District.

You can find more information about Damien on his website at :

NJLP 2017 Candidates

2017 List of NJLP Candidates

Governor – Pete Rohrman was elected by a majority of the votes cast (32 out of 54).

Lt. Governor – Karese Laguerre was endorsed by Gubernatorial nominee Pete Rohrman and was elected by a majority of the votes cast

North NJ –

27th District: Assembly – Damien Caillault & Jeff Hetrick

37th District: Assembly – Claudio Belusic

39th District: Senate – Jim Tosone

39th District: Assembly – Jason McKenna

West Milford: Town Council– Michael Chazukow

Central NJ –

12th District: Assembly – Dan Krause

13th District: Assembly – Eveline Brownstein

16th District: Senate – Andrew Pierson

21st District: Assembly – Amanda Ayers & Tom Maciejewski*

22nd District: Assembly – Ryan Manville & Michael Brown

Hunterdon County: Freeholder – Dan Heitkamp

Monmouth County: Freeholder – Brendon Maroney

Berkeley Heights: Town Council – Tom Maciejewski*

Manalapan: Town Council – Hisham Hamed

Westfield: Town Council – Valerio Bruscianelli

South NJ –

City Council: Northfield – John Ordille

More candidates will likely be added to this list in the following weeks. Good luck to all!

NJ – Save Our Roads

For those of you who don’t know, NJ increased it’s gas tax $0.23 per gallon towards the end of last year.  This was based on the claim that the transportation trust fund was broke, and they needed more money to fund road repair and construction projects.

I want to say, that is an outright lie.

1 – This additional tax hits ALL of us.  If you live in NJ, you and I know, you pretty much need a car.  Almost everyone does.  This tax doesn’t care if you are rich or poor.  The bill that passed that increased in gas tax also included, “In addition, they voted to eliminate the estate tax over the next 15 months…”

I’m not much of an advocate for any taxes, but eliminating a tax that affects the wealthy, while seriously butchering the middle class and poorer people of the state, is absolutely atrocious.

2 – The Reason Foundation came out with another years worth of data on highway spending.  NJ managed to once again secure its absolute lead on spending at $2.18M ( yes, TWO+ MILLION dollars ) PER MILE to maintain highways and roads.  So, the #50 spot is clearly ours.  Florida somehow managed to pass Mass for the #49 spot at $741k per mile.

If Florida and Mass ( being the next 2 worst ) can manage to maintain their roads for 1/3 of what NJ spends…  I’m sorry, I think we have a problem.

3 – Who in NJ is approving the contracts awarded to contractors for road construction in NJ?

I’ve read a LOT of them ( the bids are all available online ).  Why would a construction company ( who I assume has been doing construction for a long time ) need new trucks and equipment for EVERY single project they are awarded?  If I hire a construction company, I would expect they already have cones, signs, cement trucks, bulldozers, etc…  Sure, you want to add some “depreciation cost”…  O…K…  But new equipment for EVERY contract?  ( and not just little stuff…  this is millions and millions of dollars ).


This needs to end now.

This isn’t even about opening up markets to out-of-state competitors at this point or fussing around with prevailing wage laws.  This is blatant crony capitalism forcing everyone in NJ to pay through increased gas taxes.

Please help me end it.
Jeff Hetrick

Congressional Debate – Round 2

“The Livingston League of Women Voters is looking forward to seeing you at the Livingston Candidate Night, Wednesday evening, October 26, 8:00 pm, in the Livingston Community Center, lower level, 204 Hillside Avenue.”  ( Livingston NJ )

Unless I fall off a cliff in the mean time, I’ll be there…

Again, I want to thank the League of Women Voters for trying to do their best to educate voters.

I can only hope that people, during this election cycle, vote their conscience.  Vote on policy.  Vote on issues.aleppo4

Frelinghuysen voted for the war on Iraq…  he’s voted for intervention in Syria…

Stop the violence…  where is that “reset” button?

Let’s fix this.

NJ Gas Tax Hike – Awful

I don’t know if you many of you know this… but I ran for NJ State Assembly last year… and my MAIN focus was on cutting waste and abuse in the transportation fund…

Christie has now signed into law a $0.23 cent/gallon gas tax hike… because the transportation fund was out of money…

NJ spends over $2.1M ( MILLION ) dollars to maintain each mile of road… this is over 3 times more than the next highest state ( Mass )… and more than 10 times the national average…dollars

I am absolutely disgusted that this bill passed and was signed…

I AM running for Congress this year. 11th District – NJ…

And I have made a SERIOUS pledge… ( and I hope it’s a least a start ) … I will vote “NO” on any bills that I believe increase the size/scope of government or will increase your tax burden.

I can’t make promises to “save the world”, but that pledge is one I absolutely can and will do if you elect me to congress…

“A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.” ~ Funshine Bear

Government Accountability

“Government should be at least as transparent as anyone it regulates, including citizens subject to an IRS audit, businesses harassed by government regulators, and political campaigns subject to FEC regulations. Therefore, if elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to put the government’s checkbook online. Each government transaction must cite as much detail as the IRS demands of citizens. Government agencies that refuse to fully and promptly disclose their finances will lose their funding, and taxes will be cut by the amount saved.”

  • Published government budgets available to the public are typically hard to find and grossly incomplete, making it impossible for citizens to see how politicians are spending tax dollars.
  • It is hypocritical and immoral for government regulators to comb through the finances of taxpayers and businesses while hiding the finances of a government which those taxpayers and businesses are forced to fund.government-waste
  • Financial transparency will expose the legions of waste in government budgets.
  • Transparency will expose sweetheart deals and embezzlement.
  • Transparency paves the way for cutting unneeded government spending.
  • Transparency will lead to balanced budgets.
  • Transparency will enable meaningful tax cuts, giving back to taxpayers the money they earned, to spend, save, or give away as they see fit.
  • Transparency will force government agencies to stop sloppy bookkeeping practices.
  • Transparency will spotlight the fact that federal, state, and local governments, combined, account for about half of all expenditures in the American economy, every year.
  • Transparency will enable voters to see the full impact of legislation and whether their results live up to expectations set by lawmakers.
  • In a free society, anything less than full government transparency is an assault on the rights of taxpayers.


Government Spending

If my original pledge wasn’t enough…  here is a more formalized pledge in terms of government spending and government growth :

“If elected, I will vote ‘no’ and work against any measure that expands government authority in any way or that increases total government spending from today’s astronomically high levels. If an essential, constitutional government function is needed, I will vote to reduce spending elsewhere to pay for it rather than raise taxes or add to the nation’s debt.”

  • When politicians propose to expand government, as they routinely do, they claim they need more money and more authority, pretending there’s little to no government waste they tax_loopcan cut instead.
  • But according to a 2014 Gallup poll, Americans believe: 51 percent of what federal politicians spend is waste; 42 percent of what state politicians spend is waste; and 37 percent of what local politicians spend is waste.
  • In other words, politicians spend THREE TRILLIONS DOLLARS ($2 trillion federal plus $1 trillion state and local) of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on government waste. Every year.
  • Every time politicians raise total government spending or expand government authority, Americans pay a steep price in lost wealth and diminished freedoms
  • Expanding government enriches special interests on the backs of everyday taxpayers
  • Americans are already heavily burdened by hundreds of federal, state, and local taxes. Politicians tax about half of all earnings in American.
  • Citizens and businesses are already heavily burdened by thousands of regulations, mandates, and prohibitions.
  • We must remove thousands of government regulations from the books and allow the marketplace to regulate safely, effectively and efficiently. We must never add more regulations.
  • We must dramatically reduce total taxes and total government spending, and never increase them.
  • We must look for ways to pay down the nation’s unsustainable debt, not add to it.
  • By removing waste and managing government budgets properly, there is never a need for more government.
  • Stopping the assault of imposing more Big Government on the American people will force politicians to be financially responsible, allow people to keep their desperately-needed, hard-earned money, and restore essential freedoms.

Term Limits

As a candidate, I have pledged the following:

“If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, and federal judges.”

For the following reasons:

  • Long-time incumbent politicians are near impossible to unseat, often guaranteeing their positions for life.
  • They become, in effect, dictators serving their own needs rather than those of the people.
  • Many incumbents go completely unchallenged, i.e., only one name appears on the ballot for their race because competition is discouraged.
  • TermLimitsThis severely undermines democracy, giving voters virtually no say in their government
  • Long-term incumbents establish deep ties with lobbyists and therefore grant undue influence to special interests. This further diminishes the influence of everyday Americans.
  • Long-term incumbents develop ties with mainstream media, giving both incumbents and media elitists more influence in elections. This also diminishes the influence of everyday voters.
  • Imposing term limits will foster competition and representative government.
  • Term limits are a reasonable and necessary restraint on government power.

LPRC – Endorsement


The LPRC Board had their weekly meeting this evening, and after discussing the recommendations of the Endorsements Committee formalized your endorsement!

If you need any graphics or logos to use in order to post the endorsement on your website or for a press release, let me know and I will get that to you ASAP.

Thank you again for your interest in securing the LPRC’s Endorsement, but more importantly: thank you for running a truly radical campaign!

Kim Ruff,

Chair, Endorsements Committee

Police Violence

The ongoing violence both towards and from the police is a complicated issue, and I won’t presume to have all the answers. A few key points that I believe can help to alleviate the issue would be to end the Drug War, and to end the concept of policing for profit. I believe that the militarization of our police force was a result of both the War on Drugs as the War on Terror. We not only elevated our police to be some form of quasi-military force, but we still expect them to perform routine “protect and serve” types of assignments. I don’t think they mesh.

When I was a kid, I never once heard an officer refer to anyone as a “civilian.” The very notion that police continue to call all of us civilians automatically infers that they believe they are woSwat1rking in a war zone, and that all of us are potential enemy combatants. If these police officers, while they are working in a “war zone,” are expected to make XYZ number of arrests and issue citations… It’s an explosive mix.

End the Drug War. Stop policing for profit. Possibly enhance police training to include more de-escalation techniques.

I like to think that body cameras are a good step in bringing more police accountability, but it hasn’t proven itself yet. If we can start with what I just said, I believe that more good cops would be justified in bringing bad cops to justice.

It’s a very complicated issue, and I could probably discuss this for hours.