NJLP 2017 Candidates

2017 List of NJLP Candidates

Governor – Pete Rohrman was elected by a majority of the votes cast (32 out of 54).

Lt. Governor – Karese Laguerre was endorsed by Gubernatorial nominee Pete Rohrman and was elected by a majority of the votes cast

North NJ –

27th District: Assembly – Damien Caillault & Jeff Hetrick

37th District: Assembly – Claudio Belusic

39th District: Senate – Jim Tosone

39th District: Assembly – Jason McKenna

West Milford: Town Council– Michael Chazukow

Central NJ –

12th District: Assembly – Dan Krause

13th District: Assembly – Eveline Brownstein

16th District: Senate – Andrew Pierson

21st District: Assembly – Amanda Ayers & Tom Maciejewski*

22nd District: Assembly – Ryan Manville & Michael Brown

Hunterdon County: Freeholder – Dan Heitkamp

Monmouth County: Freeholder – Brendon Maroney

Berkeley Heights: Town Council – Tom Maciejewski*

Manalapan: Town Council – Hisham Hamed

Westfield: Town Council – Valerio Bruscianelli

South NJ –

City Council: Northfield – John Ordille

More candidates will likely be added to this list in the following weeks. Good luck to all!

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