NJ 27th District Candidates

I’m thrilled to announce that Damien Caillault will also be running for NJ General Assembly 27th District. There is nobody else I would rather run along side with. He’s been a strong advocate for libertarian ideals for a long time.

As Damien wrote, “Libertarians believe in letting you alone. Only you know how to live your life. Decades of over reach by governments at all levels have left us with a society that is morally and financially bankrupt. Once elected I will do my best to get government out of your economic life and out of your personal life. “

If you are tired of the high NJ taxes, crony capitalism, and almost flat out corruption in Trenton, please take the time to consider myself and Damien for Assembly in the 27th District.

You can find more information about Damien on his website at : http://damienforliberty.com/index.php/issues

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