NJ – Save Our Roads

For those of you who don’t know, NJ increased it’s gas tax $0.23 per gallon towards the end of last year.  This was based on the claim that the transportation trust fund was broke, and they needed more money to fund road repair and construction projects.

I want to say, that is an outright lie.

1 – This additional tax hits ALL of us.  If you live in NJ, you and I know, you pretty much need a car.  Almost everyone does.  This tax doesn’t care if you are rich or poor.  The bill that passed that increased in gas tax also included, “In addition, they voted to eliminate the estate tax over the next 15 months…”

I’m not much of an advocate for any taxes, but eliminating a tax that affects the wealthy, while seriously butchering the middle class and poorer people of the state, is absolutely atrocious.

2 – The Reason Foundation came out with another years worth of data on highway spending.  NJ managed to once again secure its absolute lead on spending at $2.18M ( yes, TWO+ MILLION dollars ) PER MILE to maintain highways and roads.  So, the #50 spot is clearly ours.  Florida somehow managed to pass Mass for the #49 spot at $741k per mile.

If Florida and Mass ( being the next 2 worst ) can manage to maintain their roads for 1/3 of what NJ spends…  I’m sorry, I think we have a problem.

3 – Who in NJ is approving the contracts awarded to contractors for road construction in NJ?

I’ve read a LOT of them ( the bids are all available online ).  Why would a construction company ( who I assume has been doing construction for a long time ) need new trucks and equipment for EVERY single project they are awarded?  If I hire a construction company, I would expect they already have cones, signs, cement trucks, bulldozers, etc…  Sure, you want to add some “depreciation cost”…  O…K…  But new equipment for EVERY contract?  ( and not just little stuff…  this is millions and millions of dollars ).


This needs to end now.

This isn’t even about opening up markets to out-of-state competitors at this point or fussing around with prevailing wage laws.  This is blatant crony capitalism forcing everyone in NJ to pay through increased gas taxes.

Please help me end it.
Jeff Hetrick

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