Term Limits

As a candidate, I have pledged the following:

“If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, and federal judges.”

For the following reasons:

  • Long-time incumbent politicians are near impossible to unseat, often guaranteeing their positions for life.
  • They become, in effect, dictators serving their own needs rather than those of the people.
  • Many incumbents go completely unchallenged, i.e., only one name appears on the ballot for their race because competition is discouraged.
  • TermLimitsThis severely undermines democracy, giving voters virtually no say in their government
  • Long-term incumbents establish deep ties with lobbyists and therefore grant undue influence to special interests. This further diminishes the influence of everyday Americans.
  • Long-term incumbents develop ties with mainstream media, giving both incumbents and media elitists more influence in elections. This also diminishes the influence of everyday voters.
  • Imposing term limits will foster competition and representative government.
  • Term limits are a reasonable and necessary restraint on government power.

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