Police Violence

The ongoing violence both towards and from the police is a complicated issue, and I won’t presume to have all the answers. A few key points that I believe can help to alleviate the issue would be to end the Drug War, and to end the concept of policing for profit. I believe that the militarization of our police force was a result of both the War on Drugs as the War on Terror. We not only elevated our police to be some form of quasi-military force, but we still expect them to perform routine “protect and serve” types of assignments. I don’t think they mesh.

When I was a kid, I never once heard an officer refer to anyone as a “civilian.” The very notion that police continue to call all of us civilians automatically infers that they believe they are woSwat1rking in a war zone, and that all of us are potential enemy combatants. If these police officers, while they are working in a “war zone,” are expected to make XYZ number of arrests and issue citations… It’s an explosive mix.

End the Drug War. Stop policing for profit. Possibly enhance police training to include more de-escalation techniques.

I like to think that body cameras are a good step in bringing more police accountability, but it hasn’t proven itself yet. If we can start with what I just said, I believe that more good cops would be justified in bringing bad cops to justice.

It’s a very complicated issue, and I could probably discuss this for hours.

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